No matter how you feel about the shift to working remote, working from home remains a big adjustment for most of us. Whether you are sharing the dining room table with your kids doing virtual learning or have a dedicated space, the cleanliness of your home plays a huge impact on your overall experience. Most offices have a dedicated cleaning service to keep dust and grime at bay which allows you to focus on your work. We’re going to discuss five reasons why that same service at your home office can improve your work experience.

1. Increased Productivity

It’s no secret that a clean space is a productive space. Clutter and dust around your working space will draw your attention and distract you from work at hand. A study published in Current Psychology showed that clutter was a strong predictor of procrastination and other avoidance behaviors.

2. Improved Health

There are obvious health benefits of a clean home such as improved air quality and sanitized surfaces. However, there are also many health benefits that aren’t as obvious. Stress levels have been shown to decrease in a clean and orderly environment. Mental health is increasingly on the fore front of our minds and stress reduction is vital these days.

Another surprising health benefit has to do with our waist lines. A 2017 study published in SSRN showed that a cluttered space, and the impact it has on our mindset, makes us more vulnerable to over consumption and snacking. Who knows, maybe the next diet craze will be more Marie Kondo and less Jenny Craig.

3. Better Sleep

Lingering responsibilities are a common cause of poor sleep. As we’re spending more time in our homes, it’s easy to let chores like cleaning fall by the wayside. The simplest way to ensure your home and work space are consistently cleaned is to outsource it. That way, the next time you lay down in freshly changed sheets, the thought of dusty baseboards or dirty toilets won’t keep you from drifting off.

4. Make a Good Impression

We all want to make a good impression on our next Zoom call. Whether it’s with a potential client or a long-time coworker, our space says a lot about us and our work. While it’s true that few cameras have the clarity to pick up dust across the room, cleanliness still affects how we are perceived.

Just as your favorite outfit can give you confidence on a first date, a clean space can inspire you to perform your best. When you are proud of your home and workspace, that confidence shows in your actions.

5. Feel Appreciated

Many companies are struggling with ways to make their employees feel appreciated while working apart. Setting apart a portion of your home for work is a big ask. A very tangible and easy way to thank your employees is to offer them a professional cleaning. If your company is looking for suggestions to improve morale, Klassy Klean is offering group discounts to make that option easier.

If you’re ready to outsource your cleaning and reclaim your time, Klassy Klean is ready to help. A regular cleaning service can be more affordable than you might expect, and the benefits are immense. Check out our price builder below to get an online price with no commitment.