Our Checklist

Klassy Klean's detailed checklist ensures that nothing in your home is missed. And your satisfaction is guaranteed, if we ever miss something we will come right away to fix it.

Kitchen Bathrooms Whole House Rotations

The kitchen is the most commonly used room in many homes, and the room where we often create the biggest mess. Klassy Klean will make your kitchen shine and provide a sanitary place to cook your meals.

Counter Tops
Sinks & Chrome
Cooking Range
Cabinets 1
Under Small Appliances
Front of All Appliances
Stove Hood
Top of Refrigerator & Exposed Surfaces
Baker's Racks & Shelves
Window Sills & Blinds 1
Cob Webs Removed
Table & Chairs
Knick Knacks & Dishes
Laundry Machines
Window over Sink
Coffee Pot
Pantry Floor & Door
Trash Can Exterior
Replace Trash Bag
Inside of Microwave
Vacuum Floors & Rugs
Mop Floors
Add Ons
Inside Oven
Inside Refrigerator
Wash Dishes
Inside Cabinets
Clean Windows

1. Rotational Items performed on set schedule.

Dirty bathrooms are no match for Klassy Klean. We not only clean but disinfect the bathrooms in your home to keep your family safe.

Counter Tops
Sinks & Chrome
Shower Tile & Grout
Shower Doors & Fixtures
Cabinets 1
Doors & Door Frames 1
Vacuum & Mop Floors
Toilet Bowl & Seat
Toilet Exterior
Floor Around Toilet
Toilet Paper Holder
Sinks & Drains
Light Fixtures
Vanity Items
Window Sills & Blinds 1
Cob Webs
Towels Folded Neatly
Shelves & Knick Knacks
Towel Racks
Add Ons
Inside Cabinets
Clean Windows

1. Rotational Items performed on set schedule.

Using our 3-person team, Klassy Klean can divide and conquer to make sure we clean your entire home. We clean more areas than your average cleaning service and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Counter Tops
Baseboards 1
Light Switches
Doors & Frames 1
Cabinets 1
Vacuum Floors
Mop Hardwoods
Entry & Exit Door Glass
High Dusting
Furniture, Top, Bottom & Sides
Fans & Light Fixtures
Window Sills & Blinds 1
Lamp Shades
Picture Frames
Change Sheets,2   Make up Beds
Vacuum Couches & Chairs, Fluff Pillows
Cob Webs
Add Ons
Inside Cabinets
Scrub Walls
Fold Laundry
Clean Windows

1. Rotational Items performed on set schedule.

2. Fresh bedding must be left out.

In addition to our regular deep clean, we pay extra attention to these areas on a rotational basis. They are spot-cleaned on every visit to ensure the highest quality. Schedule determined by your cleaning frequency.

Rotation Items
Window Sills & Blinds
Cabinet Faces
Doors & Door Frames
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